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The Art of Public Speaking

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4 de maio de 2017
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The Art of Public Speaking


Public speaking plays an important role in our career, social life, and overall success. A good public speaker is always in high demand and people look at him with respect. Public speaking is an art that one can develop with practice. Following are some tips you can use to become a better public speaker.

Speak on something you truly believe in

It will give your words more power of conviction and authenticity.

Find your own style

Everyone is unique. Don’t emulate anyone else. Finding inspiration in someone is fine but don’t go over the board. Discover your unique style of presentation and speaking and you will feel more confident.

Make eye contact

When you make direct eye contact with your audience, they are drawn into your speech and the impact of your words is more profound.

Practice makes perfect

Best public speakers mastered their art by years of practice. Don’t miss any opportunity to speak in front of a group, small or large. You will gradually master your stage-fright and become a better public speaker.

Practice visualization

Visualize yourself as a confident public speaker. See your audience applauding you. This will raise your confidence and in time bring your vision into reality.

by Gabriel Persi